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Will and power of attorney bundles

Buy your will & power of attorney together with our bundles and save

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Our bundles start at £196 and they all come with a review of each of your documents from our specialists. The type you need depends on your circumstances. To get the right bundle for you complete the questionnaire below

A few questions…

Registration information

In our specialist review we check your completed document for any errors and inconsistencies before you submit it for registration with the relevant office for your country.

Each document must be registered before it can be used and you’ll need to pay a separate fee of up to £82 per document, which is entirely separate from our service fee. If your document is rejected due to an error, there will be a fee for resubmission.

Why buy a will and power of attorney bundle

Planning for the future can feel overwhelming.  By making your will and power of attorney at the same time, you can make sure the people you trust have the authority to carry out your wishes and comfort they will make the decisions you would have made yourself.



Things to think about


List A list of your assets
Beneficieries Names of beneficiaries
List Your attorneys
Executors Certificate provider
How our service works
1. Tell us about yourself Answer a few questions to see which will and power of attorney are right for you? Choose a bundle
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2. Fill in our online templates Pay for your bundle, then complete each document from home, online.
3. Have your will and power of attorney checked Our specialists will check your will and power of attorney
No Solicitor
4. Print your documents at home Once your will is signed and witnessed correctly it is legally binding. Once your power of attorney is signed it is ready to be registered. Top Questions
Common questions

About completing your will & power of attorney

What happens after I buy my document?

You can start filling it out when you’re ready with our easy to use software.

Does the cost for your service cover any registration fees that may apply?

No. We don’t register the documents for you and the registration fee is not included in the cost of our service. Please check the relevant Office of the Public Guardian to see what fee applies.

England, Wales & Northern Ireland 



Why would I use your service when I could just get power of attorney documents from the Office of the Public Guardian's?

The Office of the Public Guardian offers free forms that you can complete yourself. But our service offers additional support and guidance and enables you to have your document reviewed by one of our paralegals. You can also contact our paralegals with any questions you may have as you complete your forms.

Will Writing Firm of The Year (online) 2023

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