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Completing this important legal document incorrectly can lead to costly delays. We’ll help you get it right.

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Answer the questions below to make sure you get the right power of attorney for your needs
How our power of attorney service works
1. Choose a power of attorney Appoint people to make medical, financial decisions or both. Choose a power of attorney
Wills Choose
2. Fill in an online template Pay for your power of attorney, with 30% off, and complete it from home, online.
Wills Write Online
Wills Review
3. Have your power of attorney checked Our specialists will check your power of attorney.
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4. Print your document at home Your power of attorney needs to be signed and registered before it is ready to use.
Why you should make a power of attorney

You could be unable to make decisions or deal with your affairs regarding your medical treatment or finances, if you have an accident, fall ill, or you just need a little help. 

A power of attorney makes sure that people you trust have the right to act in your best interests.

Things to think about

List Your attorneys
Executors Certificate provider
Guardians Preferences & instructions
Executors People to notify
Common questions

About making your power of attorney

I already have a will, do I need a power of attorney?

A will is a separate document to a power of attorney. A will is only effective on your death and has no legal authority prior to that point. A power of attorney is effective whilst you are alive and allows others to act on your behalf during your lifetime.  

Why would I use your service when I could just get power of attorney documents from the Office of the Public Guardian's?

The Office of the Public Guardian offers free forms that you can complete yourself. But our service offers additional support and guidance and enables you to have your document reviewed by one of our specialists. You can also contact our specialists with any questions you may have as you complete your forms.

Does the cost for your service cover any registration fees that may apply?

No. We don’t register the documents for you and the registration fee is not included in the cost of our service. Please check the relevant Office of the Public Guardian to see what fee applies.

England, Wales & Northern Ireland