For life’s little changes

Update your will by making a simple alteration (a ‘Codicil’)

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When to use a Codicil

If there's a major change in your life – such as getting married or divorced or having a child – you might want to write a new Will. You can however make a simple alteration instead of starting from scratch, for smaller changes such as:

  • One of your executors dies and you need to appoint a new one
  • You want to leave money to someone not mentioned in your existing Will
  • You change your mind about who should look after your children

There’s no limit to the number of Codicils you can have. But if you have more than one, it’s probably better to make a new Will

Choose the change you want to make from the list below to see all your options.

Executor changes

Self Service

Appointing an additional executor

Appoint someone new as an executor in your Will, as well as those already named.

Appointing a substitute executor

Appoint a substitute executor, if one of your existing executors cannot act for you.

Appointing substitute executor on death of executor

If an executor of your Will dies, you can use this to appoint a substitute. 

Revoking or changing choice of executor

If you'd like to change your executor for any reason you can use this.

Gift changes

Self Service

Making a gift to a new beneficiary

Make a gift of money or an item to a new beneficiary that you haven't already specified.

Making an additional gift to an existing beneficiary

Make another gift of money or an item to a beneficiary already named in your Will.

Revoking a gift to a named beneficiary

Cancel a gift previously made in your Will.

Revoking a gift to one and giving to another

Change a gift in your Will from one beneficiary to someone else.

Guardian changes

Self Service

Appointing a guardian

If you haven't named a guardian for your children in your Will.

Appointing a substitute guardian

If a guardian named in your Will cannot care for your children, a substitute will step in.

Replacing a guardian

Replace a guardian named in your Will, who will care for your children.


Replacing a substitute guardian

Replace a substitute guardian named in your Will, who will care for your children.

Service Levels
Self Service For those who feel confident to create their Codicil independently
  • Guidance notes provided
  • Get started, take a break and come back when you want
Review Your Codicil checked by our specialists for peace of mind
  • Guidance notes provided
  • Get help from our specialists if you need it
  • Get started, take a break and come back when you want
  • Have your Codicil checked by one of our specialists
Top Questions

Change your will

How long does it take to complete a document?

We suggest you set aside around 1 hour to complete a document, although it can take less or more time, depending on the type of document you're creating and how much information you have to hand.

What happens once I've completed the document?

Your legal document will be created for you to view. If you bought a 'Self Service' document, it is now ready to be printed, signed and witnessed.

If you have chosen a product that includes a review, you can now submit your document to our specialists. They’ll review it and send you any feedback, guidance and suggestions. Then we’ll send you an email confirming the next steps.

How long does the legal review take?

We aim to complete the review in 10 working days. At busy times it might take slightly longer.

I bought more than one document, but I can only find one of them. Where are the others?

You will need to log in to your account and go to the ‘My documents’ section.