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Switch from joint tenants to tenants in common using a Notice of Severance

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When to use a Notice of Severance

If you own a property with another person (or persons) as joint tenants and one of you dies, the survivor will become the sole owner – whatever it says in your Will. 

If you’d like someone else to inherit your share – such as one of your children – you’ll need to change from being joint tenants to tenants in common. With Which? Wills you can do this by completing a simple document.*

Options & Prices

To sever your joint tenancy you’ll get two copies of the Notice of Severance, an SEV form and a covering letter to inform the Land Registry of the change.

Review Your Notice of Severance checked by our specialists for peace of mind
  • Guidance notes provided
  • Get help from our specialists if you need it
  • Get started, take a break and come back when you want
  • Have your Notice of Severance checked by our specialists
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*This document can only be used for property in England & Wales that has two or more joint tenants. Land Registry forms are reproduced with the permission of HM Land Registry.