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A power of attorney gives people you trust the legal right to make decisions on your behalf should you become unable to. It can cover health & welfare, finances & property or both. A Letter of Wishes is a document that sits alongside your will to help executors deal with your estate, so they can be sure they are following your wishes. 

Our bundles start from £110.80 and the type you need depends on your circumstances. To get the right bundle for you click through to the questionnaires below.

How our service works
1. Choose your service then tell us about yourself Answer a few questions to make sure you get the right documents for your circumstances. Choose your will and service level
2. Pay and get started Pay for your chosen service and fill in the online templates, from home, online.
3. Time for your specialist review Our specialists check your document and feedback any changes you should or might want to make
Step 4
4. Sign, witness and register Print and witness your documents then if needed register with the relevant government departments.
Common questions

About completing your will

What’s the difference between mirror wills and a pair of wills?

Mirror wills are usually made by married couples or civil partners. Normally, the first to die leaves their estate to the survivor. When the survivor dies, the estate passes to the beneficiaries (who are the same people in both wills).

A pair of wills are two wills made by two people with the flexibility to make them similar to each other or completely different.

What type of gift can I make in my will?

  1. Specific gifts – such as your jewellery, shares or property
  2. Cash – known as ‘pecuniary’ gifts
  3. Residuary gifts – what's left after all debts have been paid and all other legacies have been accounted for.

Who can witness my will?

In England & Wales, a will must be witnessed by two independent people over the age of 18. Your witnesses don’t need to know what’s in your will.

Witnesses cannot be:

  • blind,
  • beneficiaries in your will,
  • spouses or civil partners of beneficiaries in your will, or
  • anyone related to you